First in Hong Kong: Hiyoko-chan Installation at CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Hong Kong


To commemorate the 65th anniversary of the world's first instant noodles, Nissin officially launched Nissin Chicken Ramen Instant Noodle in the Hong Kong market earlier, which has become an instant talk of the town. The trend is so unbeatable that even Hiyoko-chan, the one-and-only mascot of the Noodle, has decided to come all the way from Japan to meet with fans in Hong Kong! Visiting Hong Kong for this first time, Hiyoko-chan presents its debut eponymous installation at the CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Hong Kong (the Museum) from November 14 (Tuesday) to December 19 (Tuesday). Ching Chai, Creative Director of the Museum, does the honor to introduce Hiyoko-chan and Nissin Chicken Ramen Instant Noodle to the guests of the Museum while bringing them an experience full of food, bargains and fun. Determined to gain more fans in Hong Kong with his cute look, fan-loving Hiyoko-chan is also bringing ten thematic products only available at Museum for the first time, including stationaries, towels, cushions and more! Two collections of limited lucky bags will be the must-buy item for fans to take Hiyoko-chan home at the greatest deal.

Hong Kong’s first Hiyoko-chan thematic installation made for fun photo moments

How it began: Ching Chai and Hiyoko-chan met when Nissin Chicken Ramen Instant Noodle was officially launched in Hong Kong earlier this year, and the two have become great friends since then. The friendly, hospitable Ching Chai then invited Hiyoko-chan to visit from Japan to meet the fans in Hong Kong. As a symbol of friendship between the two characters, the exclusive Hiyoko-chan-themed installation at the Museum is perfectly designed ‘for the gram’: fans can take a photo with Hiyoko-chan while saying ‘delicious’ in Japanese, or stand next to Ching Chai to get to know his new best friend! When taking photos, beware of the eggs ‘falling from the sky’ – they could be the best props for you to make the funniest face with Hiyoko-chan!

The popular noodle making ingredient pairing so convenient

A popular choice among noodle enthusiasts, Nissin Chicken Ramen Instant Noodle has successfully gained a lot of fans since its official launch in Hong Kong earlier. What makes it stand out from other products is that the noodles are soaked with chicken broth sesame oil, making it ready-to-eat by just pouring in boiling water as no extra seasoning packet is needed. There is also a special feature in the noodles that makes it easier to add ingredients of your choice, such as eggs and chives, for an even more flavourful meal.

Two collections of limited lucky bags and ten exclusive Hiyoko-chan products for all age

Available only at the Museum, the ten brand new thematic products are the best gifts for those who love Hiyoko-chan! Recommendation includes the two limited edition Hiyoko-chan Lucky Bags. ‘Everyday Life Trick’ (HK$100) includes Hiyoko-chan Face Towel, Hiyoko-chan Sticky Note and Nissin Chicken Ramen Instant Noodle (5 pack), perfect for home activities from doing sports to studying. ‘Huggy and Sticky’ (HK$200) features the comfy Hiyoko-chan Shape Cushion and the cute Hiyoko-chan Masking Tape alongside Nissin Chicken Ramen Instant Noodle (5 pack), suitable for gifting or self-collection. There is only limited supply of the lucky bags. Don’t miss it while stocks last, as the adorable products at its combo price would drive fans to grab it home the soonest.

Furthermore, a series of exclusive products is also available to purchase on the same day. Notable items include new parent essentials Hiyoko-chan Towel and Saliva Shoulder, Hiyoko-chan Pencil which is a must-have in every kid’s pencil case and a white-collar staple Hiyoko-chan Cushion. Each product features the cute expression of Hiyoko-chan, charming fans of different ages.

After meeting Ching Chai and Hiyoko-chan, delve into the one-stop experience filled with food, bargains and fun. Join the three interactive and engaging workshops, including My CUPNOODLES Factory, Demae Iccho Factory, and My Granola Factory with friends and family. Create your one-of-a-kind Cup Noodles, Demae Iccho and Nissin Granola with tickets available starting at $60. You may also upgrade your experience and get a game pack for “Holmes at the Museum”, an original series of real-setting detective games at only $50! Embark on a fun-filled journey, unveil the secret of the Museum manager, and win a game book and limited-edition stamps!