CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Hong Kong 2nd Anniversary Exclusive Promotion Extended to June by Popular Demand


Those who are craving for creative food ideas will be excited to learn about “Double Choices.Double Happiness”, an anniversary campaign in celebration of the 2nd anniversary of CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Hong Kong (the Museum). The limited-time offer soup flavours and toppings have been attracting much attention since the launch of the campaign in March. Due to its popular demand, the promotion will be extended until the end of June. It’s the last chance to give these new fun flavours and toppings a try, so hurry!

In order to stimulate creativity, the choice of soup flavours and toppings at My CUPNOODLES Factory Workshop will be doubled from 4 soup flavours and 12 toppings to 8 soup flavours and 24 toppings,

including the debut of refreshing fruits like apple and papaya for visitors to turn their creative ideas into reality, and make their own custom Cup Noodles in a bid to celerbrate the 2nd anniversary of the Museum.

The response was intense after the campaign launch! Ching Chai, the Creative Director of the Museum, carried out a poll on the most popular soup flavour and topping in the past month. The limited edition of Lobster Bisque becomes the most popular one, followed by Shrimp and Tomato, and the classic seafood soup flavour. Amongst the toppings, the limited clam meat tops the chart, while shrimp and Kanikama are also always favoured by the fans! Cashew Nut is the most sough-after new topping, while apple and raisin ranks second and third. Novel food lovers should give it a try at the Musuem, and for those who visited before are welcome to experience it again.

The top-picked soup flavours including clam chowder, lobster bisque, shrimp and tomato as well as the popular laksa are among the 4 new additions during the anniversary celebration. Besides, the choice of toppings has also been doubled with 12 new items, including an array of refreshing fruits and veggies such as onion, fried bean puff, mushroom, potato, tomato, raisin, papaya, apple, cashew nut, red bell pepper and the red hot chilli ring to satisfy the demand for innovations in new food flavours.

What’s more, the Museum has created 8 world-exclusive flavours, including Meat Lovers, Salad Freak, Cheese Lobster, Fruit Choice, Red Hot Lovers, Tomato and Potato Pork Soup, The Fresh Choice, and The Hot and Sweet Girl, where the Cheese Lobster and Tomato and Potato Pork Soup are perfectly divine!

The 4 new spots with creative installations for photos will also be available until June, where Ching Chai and Ching Mui will meet and greet you and your friends. Take a closer look at a variety of special Nissin ingredients during your visit, and immerse in the unique and inspiring Nissin foods journey!