CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Hong Kong 2nd Anniversary Finale: Double Choices.Double Happiness


In celebration of the 2nd anniversary of CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Hong Kong (the Museum), our creative director Ching Chai and his team are rolling out the “Double Choices.Double Happiness” campaign by end of March for one month. The 4 soup flavours and 12 toppings for selection in the signature My CUPNOODLES Factory Workshop now, will be doubled and made a total of as many as 8 soup flavours and 24 toppings for unlimited combinations! What’s more, the Museum also introduced exclusive fruit toppings for more inspiration and creativity. Come and create your own world-exclusive Cup Noodles!

How would shrimp and tomato soup tastes like when it is matched with apples? What will the texture of papaya and cashew nut be in a Cup Noodles? The Museum is committed to inspiring and cultivating the creativity and imagination of visitors. Popular soup flavours such as lobster bisque flavour and toppings including clam meat are surely on the list of new items, what surprises the visitors are the refreshing choices such as raisins, apples and cashew nuts, which have never made their debut in Cup Noodles! In addition, Ching Chai is introducing 8 all-new recommended flavours to all, including HongKongers’ favourite Chinese soup – Tomato and Potato Pork Soup flavour, the refreshing Salad Freak flavour. Whether tasty or dodgy, come for a try!

Moreover, new photo spots are meticulously prepared for visitors to capture the creative moment with Ching Chai. Share your best shot on social media to receive a limited-edition gift from the Museum. Offer valid while stocks last. You can grab a giant fork here and create your mix-and-match with the toppings for photos, or discover more at the “My CUPNOODLES Factory” where all toppings and the 8 recommended flavours by Ching Chai are showcased. Enjoy the special journey and unleash your creativity at the Museum. New toppings for new flavours and new ideas. Come and make the next world-exclusive Cup Noodles together!

Make a guess of the soup flavours and toppings in the 8 new Cup Noodles recommended by Ching Chai! Answers will be unveiled soon:

1. Meat Lovers

2. Salad Freak

3. Fruit Choice

4. Cheese Lobster

5. Red Hot Lovers

6. Tomato and Potato Pork Soup

7. The Fresh Choice

8. The Hot and Sweet Girl