“Nissin Friday BUY & TRY” Thoughtful Ideas for Valentine’s Day


The widely acclaimed “Nissin Friday BUY & TRY” event at CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Hong Kong (the Museum) is presenting 6 handpicked products at special sweet price this romantic February in celebration of Valentine’s Day. The limited time offer includes noodles, sweets and snacks for you to surprise your significant other by a unique home cooked meal, or discover the joy of no-fail cooking together with your crush. From hot appetisers, mains and desserts, pick your favourite food and enjoy an intimate and delightful moment with your loved one!


During the promotion in February, the Museum will come into a new look with special photo props for couples to capture loving memories while visiting, so enjoy your PDA-filled photos with the most affectionate words and emoji on display! The 3 signature workshops, including My CUPNOODLES Factory, Demae Iccho Factory and My Granola Factory are also available for lovers to join as one of the must-do activities during this special month. Book your tickets early to enjoy a relaxed and romantic day out with your other half on this special occasion!