“Nissin Friday BUY & TRY” Back to School Sales Exclusively at CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Hong Kong


The summer holiday is coming to an end, are you ready to get back to school? To welcome the new school year, CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Hong Kong (the Museum) is hosting a Back to School Sales in September with the exclusive Ching Chai’s Scrumptious Power Pack for School. Besides putting together the most loved food items including the refreshing granola, top-selling flavour of the Cup Noodles and the alluring potato chips, the Power Pack comes with the extremely functional bag, and a must-have A4 folder for a new school season, altogether at HK$130 only.

“Nissin Friday BUY & TRY” has been a popular sales event since its launch. The Museum also introduces a Mix & Match Deals on 4 best-selling brands to cheer up for the students. Customers can choose from Nissin’s four hottest products, Macaroni, Cup Noodles, Granola together with Fresh salad, representing smart, easy, light and fresh elements for students to excel at school! All flavours of your choice are available, starting from HK$12 only.


Put this down on the diary, come and enjoy the special offer on top of the three interactive and engaging workshops, as well as the Nissin Detective Game. Embark on a full-filled journey while being inspired by the legacies of Nissin, and enjoy the best deals on selected products perfect for school days!