‘Nissin Friday BUY & TRY’ Comeback with all-new ‘$10, $20 and $30 Hot Combo’


(June 27, 2022, Hong Kong) Nissin Friday BUY & TRY is back by popular demand! As a weekly promotion with top offers and special deals on Nissin products, sales continue at the CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Hong Kong (the Museum) every Friday with a new‘$10, $20 and $30 Hot Combo’ deal. Come and pick any stir noodles, instant noodles or snacks of your choice with noodles price lower to an average of $2 per pack! As the creative director of the Museum, Ching Chai has prepared a surprise for all spicy food lovers by bringing a global spicy carnival to the Museum! In addition to the debut of the new Demae Iccho Hokkaido Wheat Flour Mala pot flavour, the ‘Thai Hot’ series stir noodles and instant rice vermicelli has been launched at the Museum. With the 7.1 public holidays approaching, it’s the best time to visit the Museum for the food, bargains and fun at its 3 signature workshops, workshop ticket price starting from $60 for a fun-filled experience!

New ‘$10, $20 and $30 Hot Combo’ are available this July, including the Nissin Koikeya Foods Karamucho Potato Chips 25g at 3 for $10, Fuku Chilli Cheese Chicken Flavour Instant Noodle (Stir Noodle) at 2 for $20, and Nissin x IRVINS’s Bowl Hot Boom Salted Egg Flavour at 2 for $30. Other stir noodles, instant noodles and snacks are also included in the list for the Hot Combo Selection, with low price items starting from an average price of $2 per pack of noodles! Do not miss the chance to stock up for the hot summer!


‘Nissin Friday BUY & TRY’ and the ‘Spicy Summer Challenge’ Promotion – July

Ching Chai is taking the ‘Spicy Summer Challenge’ the next level this summer, Demae Iccho Hokkaido Wheat Flour Mala pot flavour, the Thai Signature Series and Southeast Asia Flavour Fuku Rice Vermicelli are new on shelf at the Museum Gift Shop, bringing ‘Thai Hot’, ‘Extreme Hot’, ‘Korean Hot’, ‘Spicy Hot’, and ‘Fiery Hot’ flavours to spice up your ‘Spicy Summer Challenge’!

Savour a Variety of Hot Flavours and Enjoy the Journey with the ‘Spicy Summer Lucky Grab Bag’