CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Hong Kong Presents: Holmes at the Museum An Original Series of Real-setting Detective Games on its 1st Anniversary


(13 May 2022, Hong Kong) CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Hong Kong (“Museum”) is celebrating its first anniversary and will be presenting an original series of new detective games in real settings. Come join us as Nissin Detectives, solve a case and uncover legends of Nissin Foods along the way! From 13 May (Friday), upgrade your experience at the Museum for only $50 for a Nissin Detective Game Pack when you purchase one or more tickets to our featured workshops. Embark on an exciting journey with your friends to win a game book and limited-edition stamps at the Museum, a unique place designed to stretch your brains, coupled with 3 new corners for photos to capture the fun with your detective team!

Brand New Detective Game to Locate the Museum Manager

To celebrate the first anniversary of the Museum, the Museum Manager is planning a surprise for everyone. However, while doing so, the Manager has suddenly vanished without trace! In order to uncover the mystery, Ching Chai and Ching Mui have turned themselves into Holmes for the very first time, and call for all Nissin fans to join them as detectives to challenge this brain-teasing conundrum! Missions are spread all over the Museum near Cup Noodles Wall, the Innovation Journey of Momofuku Ando, the Big Cup and My Granola Factory. Get set for the game, follow the hints and clues to complete the missions, and look for the secrets hidden by the Manager!