Nissin Products are on Promotion at ‘Nissin Friday BUY & TRY;Exclusively Presents the Back to School Stationery X Food Combo


(April 6, 2022, Hong Kong) Make the most out of the unusual study break this year, before it’s time for school again! CUPNOODLES MUSEUM Hong Kong (the Museum) is taking ‘Nissin Friday BUY & TRY’ to a new level with its weekly sales and deals as well as a Back to School promotion.

All along April, a Stationery X Food Combo with numerous hot items for school and popular Nissin specialities is also available on Fridays, featuring notebook, folder and sports spray water bottle, together with a generous number of Nissin noodles and food items all set for parents and students to return to school. The whole collection of Nissin products will also be on promotion at special price every Friday, where you can find low price noodles, snacks, desserts, frozen foods and fresh salads to serve up this Easter.

What’s more, during the Easter break, join the three signature workshops from the Museum in groups of two. Hurry and have some fun, before getting ready for the new school season!